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Setup Carina infrastructure
10 minutes
Execute tests against
any platforms
in multiple threads
Reuse code up to 80%
within IOS and Android
Carina - testing automation solution
Describe all page objects on your own based on the most popular Page Objects pattern. Reuse Custom Type Page Factory to describe app specific pages (Web, IOS, Android, etc.).
Generate page objects
using standard Page Objects pattern
To make a cool test, you just need to add Verification Logic to your combined PageObjects. That is it. However, we do our best to support Data Driven Approach so you can get the data you need from whatever source available. If you want your test to be run for both IOS and Android platforms, just add some platform specifics, code will be reused by 80% avg.
Build test cases
based on Data-Driven Testing approach
When it comes to test execution, here is the real variety of approaches you can use. You can run from either local or CI environments, include several platforms and get reports passed into multiple third party tools. The icing on the cake is that we have inherited from Selenium Grid, so multithreading will let you get the testing results very rapidly.
Run tests in the grid
parallel threads, multiple environment types
Carina provides very thorough reporting for failed cases: logs at the customizable level, screenshots and videos. We also have integrated it with JIRA, so there is a smart algorithm which defines if the failure is a new bug or a known issue based on the stack trace and correspondent indicators. All the results can be emailed to the group of recipients or passed to your reporting tool.
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How CARINA works

Seamless integration

TEST CASE MANAGEMENT for analyzing detailed reports with results, screenshots and performance metrics. Also helps to track known issues and catch new one.

CROSS PLATFORM SOLUTION for 24/7 dedicated farm devices automated testing simultaneously with live issues reproducing.

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Training & support

CARINA Framework is easy to use. You can start learning CARINA by reading User's Guide and watching video tutorials.

But if you need practical hints we can provide you with our assistance at all stages: from setting up Carina to training and support.

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